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Dilemma of the Union

Written by: Mansour Saleh ooking at the other as an occupation is not a totally southern look. Even the northern, who claim their adoration of the union, look at any southern in their lands as an occupation, as long as he is there as a southern, not part of their …

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The South … Signs of Empowerment and Reconstruction

Written by: Anis Al-Sharafi – Southern Writer uring the holy month of Ramadan, the Southern Transitional Council initiated several activities that crystalized the most important aspects of organizational construction and the empowerment strategy declared earlier their year. These activities were the most significant since the establishment of the council as …

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Battel of Al-Dalia … Exhaustion of Al-Houthi Militias

Written by: Ahmed Said Karama – Southern Writer l-Houthis committed a tactical and military mistake when they opened Al-Dalia front. The battel of Al-Dalia turned from its aim to enforce pressure over southern troops in the west coast to withdraw from Al-Hodeida into a war of exhaustion where Al-Houthis paid …

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The Union Determined…!

Written by:Alaa Adel Hanash slam urges us as Muslims to unite. But Islam never urged about Yemeni union as said by some northern Imams who say that the union is a religious and sacred demand. Nevertheless, the southern were first to request union before 1990 and sacrificed for it what …

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The Southern Transitional Council: An Umbrella for All Southern People

Written by: Dr. Khaled Al-Kasemi – Emirati Writer remember, after liberating Aden from Al-Houthi Iranian militias in 2015, we called for establishing a political umbrella for all southern people with all their political and intellectual attitudes to reclaim their southern state. today, we see the southern transitional council, visiting foreign …

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