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Activists Document Violations of Al-Eslah Militias in Shabwa

edia activists in Shabwa documented more than 500 violations committed by Al-Eslah militias, related to the so-called Yemeni legitimacy, packed with tribal gangs and terrorist groups, after Shabwa Elites Forces that established security in Shabwa during the past period were forced to leave Shabwa. Activists demanded all international human rights …

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The Arab South … Target of Yemeni Greed

SMA News – Reports – Mohammed Aqabi acts of past and present confirm that diplomatic and general policies of the Arab Republic of Yemen always target this precious hunt represented in the fortunes of the south. The Arab South is poor only because geography forced the existence of this greedy …

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Al-Muiaseri and Al-Gawani.. Abuse of Public Funds and Public Offices to Serve Agendas of Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar in Yemen

ecent events of Aden and the southern transitional council’s control over Aden exhausted the chaos project of Muslim Brotherhood. This proves that Qatar penetrated the Yemeni legitimacy government through Muslim Brotherhood and several ministers including Ahemd Al-Muiaseri, minister of interior affairs and Saleh Al-Gabwani, minister of Transportation who are exposed …

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The Fall of Al-Houthis Between Kataba and Al-Fakher

n Friday May 24th, 2019 southern armed forces advanced towards the strategic city of Al-Fakher, north west of Yemeni Kataba, administratively adjoined to Al-Dalia of the south, along with clear and control operations over tens of posts and hills to the north and north west of the governorate. A few …

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