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Racial Discrimination of Sanaa’s Regimen Against Southern Citizens

irst we should assert the attitude of international human law and domestic laws as they consider the importance of respecting law to achieve peace after wars through protecting human rights to support economic progress and development. UN convention is based on equity and dignity. The International Declaration of Human Rights …

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Secrets of Abian Explosions: The Return of Terrorist Groups

or years, Abian was the scene for war and creating terrorist group. The governorate lives amid bloody conflicts that kill innocent citizens who became a political toy for political powers, parties and even countries who claim fighting terrorism while they are, in fact, supporting terrorist groups, especially Al-Qaeda that still …

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Sparks of “Revolution of the Hungry” Break in Al-Berika and Calls for Massive Public Uprising Against Legitimacy and Coalition Countries in the South Because of Poor Living and Security Conditions

The first sparks of a massive public uprising broke in Al-Berika – Aden under the notion of “Revolution of the Hungry”, in protest against poor living and security conditions. Protesters blocked the roads and streets as living and security conditions deteriorated severely in the liberated southern areas. Calls for massive …

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