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Linking Between Modia Attack on the Security Belt Post and the Qatari Campaign Against these Forces, Al-Arab Al-Dawlia: Al-Qaeda modifies its movements in Yemen According to Qatari Agenda

Al-Arab Al-Dawlia Newspaper, released from London, indicated that Al-Qaeda modified its movements in Yemen according to Qatari agenda as the newspaper related Al-Qaeda attacks against the security belt forces and Qatari media campaign against the same troops. The reports said: Al-Qaeda cells returned to move in southern governorates of Yemen …

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Al-Houthi Controls the Second Biggest Camp of Saleh In Sanaa

Al-Houthi militias took control of the pre-final stronghold of its coup partner, the ousted President ‎Ali Abdullah Saleh as it took full control of Dabwa camp of Presidential Guards Forces loyal to Saleh south of Sanaa. ‎ Several resources confirmed that Al-Houthi militias took full control of the camp and …

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