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MADAR Center for Public Opinion Research and Studies: Wider Vision, Realistic Treatment and Systemic Presence

In spite of all barriers, unfavorable conditions and poor capabilities, efforts of MADAR Center, represented in its chairman with all his wide connections and attendance, are highly effective in communicating issues of the region, especially Southern Yemen. His intuition and resourcefulness as an academic professor and researcher enables him to …

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Israeli gifts to the children of Palestine

Taking advantage of the impunity enjoyed by its soldiers, and the immunity against any legal prosecution, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continue to target Palestinian children, whether by killing, wounding or arrest. One of those children was the 16-year-old child Abdel Rahman Abu Hamisa from the Gaza Strip who was …

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Yemen’s cholera epidemic hits 600,000, confounding expectations

Yemen’s cholera outbreak has infected 612,703 people and killed 2,048 since it began in April, and some districts are still reporting sharp rises in new cases, data from the World Health Organization and Yemen’s health ministry showed on Tuesday. The overall spread of the epidemic has slowed in the past …

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Houthi Militia seeks to arrest the ousted president “Ali Abdullah Saleh” and transfer him to Saada ‎stronghold

In a breakout of what seems a volatile partnership, the Houthi Militia seeks to arrest the ousted ‎president “Ali Abdullah Saleh” ‎ after besieging him south of Sanaa. Special sources confirmed the ‎arrival of mass military and security reinforcements to southern areas of Sanaa, Saleh’s stronghold. Al-‎Arabia Network, close to …

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