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Shatara Demands the International Society to Consider the Situation in the South Realistically for Stability of the Region

n a tweet on tweeter, Lotfy Shatara, member of the Southern Transitional Council’s presidency, said: The region will never stabilize unless the regional country and international society start to consider the situation in the south realistically”.             Shatara indicated that since 1994 war, the southern declared their cause and even Saleh’s …

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Al-Saadi: With Determination and Persistence, we Achieved Major Gains for the Southern Cause and We Will Continue till Achieving All Our People’s Expectations

rigadier Pilot Nasser Ahmed Al-Saadi, member of the Southern Transitional Council’s Presidency, indicated that restoring the Arab South to fulfill the expectations of the southern people requires major sacrifices. He added that determination and persistence won major gains for the southern cause and the road to fulfill the southern expectations …

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Al-Eslah Militias Use Live Ammunition Against Peaceful Demonstrations in Nesab – Shabwa

rigade 21 of Al-Eslah terrorist militias in Nesab – west of Ataq – oppressed a peaceful demonstration celebrating the 56th anniversary of October Revolution. Eye-witnesses asserted that the militias used live ammunition to terrorize demonstrators and prevent the demonstrations, leading to killings and injuries among citizens. Eye-witnesses also indicated southern resistance …

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Southern Armed Forces Exhaust Two Separate Attacks of Al-Houthi Over Al-Fakher – North of Al-Dhala’a

ran-packed Al-Houthi militias suffered major loses as tens of them were killed, injured or captured while trying to sneak into Southern Armed Forces stations in Hubail Al-Abdi and Al-Gub camp in Al-Fakher – Kataba.              Field sources indicated that Al-Houthi militias launched two separate attacks on southern joint armed forces in …

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Ben Farid: Al-Ahmar is a Major Threat if He Remains in Power

Ahmed Omar Ben Farid, a prominent leader of STC, considered Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar as a major threat if he remains in power.              In a tweet on tweeter, Ben Farid shared a page of “Akhbar Al-Yaoum” saying: “The first page of Akhbar Al-Yaoum, a newspaper loyal to general Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, …

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Al-Kaf: The Southern Cause is Unnegotiable and Uncompromisable

dnan Al-Kaf, member of STC presidency, indicated that the southern cause is a national liberation cause and struggle of the southern people for long years. He added that this cause is part of the southern consciousness as it is unnegotiable and uncompromisable.              In a tweet on tweeter, Al-Kaf said: “It …

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