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Under Auspices of the Southern Transitional Council, A Campaign for Redecorating Sira – Aden with Drawings of Southern Slogans and Monuments

nder auspices of the Southern Transitional Council, activists launched a campaign to redecorate the walls and streets of Sira – Aden with drawings of southern slogans and monuments. Several activists and artists started the campaign on Monday January 21st, 2019 to draw southern historic monuments and slogans on the walls …

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In Coordination with Anti-Terrorism Forces, Security Department of Lahj Seizes the Largets Center for Forging Official Documents

ecurity Department of Lahj and Anti-Terrorism Forces, under direct supervision of Brigadeir Saleh Al-Sayed, chief of Alhj Security Department, managed to seize the largest center for forging official documents and arrested a forgery band in Al-Houta. A security source indicated that Lahj Security department located the center after close observation …

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Southern Transitional Council of Aden Holds its Regular Meeting, Approves Relaunch of Postponed Tolerance and Reconciliation Events and Warns Against Distorting the Southern Flag

xecutive commission of local leadership of Aden held its regular meeting in its headquarters at Al-Rimi – Al-Mansoura, headed by Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali, chairman of Aden local leadership. The meeting discussed files and issues relevant to the work of Aden local leadership departments to support its activities on the …

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A Consultative Meeting Between the Southern Transitional Council and Cairo Conference Trend Asserts the Importance of Southern Unity

n Sunday January 20th, 2019, a consultative meeting was held between A Consultative Meeting Between the Southern Transitional Council, headed by Ahmed Lamlas, secretary general of the council, and Cairo Conference Trend, headed by Abd Al-Majeed Wahdin, chairman of the executive commission of the First Southern Conference of the Southern …

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Al-Zameki: The Legitimacy’s Encouragement of Northern Relocation to the South is Life Line for Inert Cells.

r. Ali Al-Zameki, a political analyst, accused Hady’s legitimacy with creating the proper environment for terrorist groups in the south. Al-zameki said: ” The Legitimacy’s Encouragement of Northern Relocation to the South is Life Line for Inert Cells to Create Chaos Atmosphere in the Southern Governorates”. Al-Zameki added: “This daily …

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Yemeni group: Houthi rebels hold, torture female detainees

emen’s Houthi rebels hold dozens of women without bringing them to trial or charging them with a crime, often torturing the detainees and blackmailing their families, activists said on Thursday. The allegations were first raised over the weekend by the Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking, based in the capital, …

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