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Tour Al-Baha Starts Uprising Against the Government

Tour Al-Baha, one of the biggest directorates of Lahj, started a public uprising with hundreds of angry protesters marching main streets and yelling with anti-government slogans in protest against high prices, poor services and deterioration of Yemeni Riyal. These protests came in response to the call of the Southern Transitional …

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SWAT Teams Ambushed in Modia – Abian

A security source indicated that SWAT Teams were ambushed by terrorists in Lehmar, east of Modia – Abian while inspecting Wadi Amoumra as part of the security operation launched by the Security Belt Troops against Al-Qaeda. The source indicated that military sets of SWAT Teams were under heavy fire from …

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Independent Southern Group Holds an Important Meeting with “Independent Diplomates” in Geneva

The Independent Southern Group held an important meeting with “Independent Diplomates” of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday September 13th, 2018. Mr. Geom Sherun represented “Independent Diplomates” while the independent southern group explained its aims and framework I advocating human rights and self-determination for the southern people. The …

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Anti-Terrorism Units of Lahj Break into ISIS Media Center

In a qualitative operation launched by anti-terrorism troops of Lahj, under commandership of brigadier Saleh Al-Sayed, the ISIS media center was attacked. Sources indicated that the operation came according to accurate intel information gathered by security systems in Lahj. Security systems followed the links among previous operations that led to …

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