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A Dead Body Found in Al-Dalia

n Friday March 15th, 2019, citizens found the dead body of a person of Abnaa of Al-Mallah, killed and dumped in a chicken farm in Al-Dalia. Local sources indicated that the deceased was called “Rawah” who lived in Al-Salouli Al-Mallah – Al-Dalia. No further details about the accident nor its …

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Lamlas Discusses Joint Work and Cooperation in Humanitarian Aids and Human Rights with Directors of Operations in Middle East and North Africa of Geneva Call

hmed Hamed Lamlas, secretary general of the Southern Transitional Council, met Amal Hamdallah,, director of operations in Middle East and North Africa of Geneva Call, who is visiting Aden as part of the activities of the international organization in Yemen and other conflict zones. Lamlas and Hamdallah discussed joint work …

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Decisions and Suggestions Issued by the Second Round of the Southern National Assembly held in Al-Makla – Hadhramaut between February 16th and 17th, 2019

The Southern National Assembly Approves all discussed documents and suggests to consider all relevant remarks The Southern National Assembly approves all internal rules and regulations and not to violate them The Southern National Assembly suggests that the Southern Transitional Council should carefully monitor the files of Hadhramaut desert and valley, …

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