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Statement of the Inclusive Consultative Meeting of Shabwa

n Al-Aram – Habban – Shabwa, an inclusive consultative meeting was held attended by massive crowds of Shabwa citizens from all directorates representing all sectors of the society. The meeting discussed recent events in Shabwa and the difficult conditions under which Shabwa lives due to the invasion of Al-Eslah militias …

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Public Uprising Against Al-Eslah Troops in Kalansia – Socotra

alansia – Socotra witnessed a massive public uprising against Al-Eslah troops. According to eye-witnesses, military troops of Al-Eslah party moved towards the electric power station to stop it and return generators to the station yard according the directives of governor of Socotra. This decision was publicly rejected as the station …

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STC of Al-Mansoura Launches the New School Year

ocal leadership of the southern transitional council in Al-Mansoura launched the new school year in the directorate schools. Several members of the local leadership visited Khadija Model School, Said Nagy School and Aden Secondary Model School in addition to Edrees Hanbala School in Cairo. The visits came as part of …

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STC Spokesman: The Council Wlcomes the Arab Coalition Statement that is Eager for Unifying Efforts Towards Peace, Stability and Partnership

izar Haitham, official spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council said: “The council welcomes the Saudi – Emirati joint statement issued on Sunday that reflects the eagerness of Saudi Arabia and UAE for unifying efforts towards peace, stability and partnership to serve the Arab agenda led by the coalition”. “Dialogue and …

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