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Hassan Point in Abian Confiscates Military Equipment and Parts of Drones

ecurity special forces in Abian confiscated a van carrying military logistic equipment and transferred them to the special forces camp in Hassan Point – Abian. The cargo included telecommunication devices, wireless broadcast modem ad parts of drones. Confiscated equipment was on its way to Al-Houthi militias. Troops also confiscated another …

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With Attendance of Sheikh and Al-Wali, the Southern Transitional Council Holds a Consultative Meeting with Academics of Aden University

outhern Transitional Council held a consultative meeting with Academics of Aden University on Friday May 17th, 2019 in the council’s headquarters. The meeting was headed by Mr. Abd Al-Rahman Sheikh, member of the council’s presidency, and professor Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali, chairman of Aden local leadership and vice chairman of humanitarian …

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A Prominent Field Commander of Al-Houthis Killed in Kataba Fights

bu Al-Bara Al-Medani, a prominent field commander of Al-Houthi militias was killed in fights launched by southern troops to liberate Yemeni Kataba, administratively adjoined to Al-Dalia. After three-axis attack, southern troops managed to liberate Kataba in full in addition to other towns north and west of the city. Troops, nowe …

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Al-Houthis Suffer Severe Loses in Al-Dalia During Last Week

ore than 480 killings in addition to hundreds of injuries are the loses of Al-Houthi militias in their fight against the security belt troops in Al-Dalia fronts. This causes the coup militias clear collapses. In three weeks of fierce clashes, Al-Houthis lost hundreds of killings and injuries in addition to …

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