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Southern Resistance Launches the Fiercest Attack Since Controlling Radoum by Al-Eslah Militias

ierce clashes occurred in Radoum crossing between southern resistance of Shabwa and Al-Eslah militias occupying Radoum.             Local sources in Radoum – Shabwa indicated that the southern resistance launched blitz attack on Radoum Crossing checkpoint where explosions were heard followed by fierce clashes with light and moderate weapons.             Sources …

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Southern Consultative Center for Rights and Freedoms in Geneva Reports Shooting of Peaceful Protesters in Shabwa and Abian to International Experts Team

outhern Consultative Center for Rights and Freedoms in Geneva reported the shooting of peaceful southern protesters in Shabwa and Abian by Al-Eslah militias to the international experts team. The following is translation of the report: Report from: Southern Consultative Center for Rights and Freedoms in Geneva Concerning: Shooting live bullets …

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Massive Funeral for Al-kumaishi in Habban – Shabwa

  housands of Shabwa citizens participated in the funeral of martyr Said Tagerah Al-Kumaishi. Citizens came from all over Shabwa and rejected the existence of northern troops in their governorate, demanding the expulsion of these invading militias. Leaders of southern resistance, Shabwa Elites and public figures attened the funeral. Al-kumaishi …

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Southern NGOs Demand Questioning of Minister of Defense and Governor of Shabwa About Violations of Their Troops in Azzan

n a suspicious oppressing situation, governmental armed forces opened live fire on civilian protesters who were peacefully protesting in Azzan – Shabwa, on October 3rd, 2019 to demand protection of their lives and contain security breach in the governorate. Unfortunately, this led to killing and injuring several citizens. Southern NGOs …

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