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A Military Analyst Mocks the Exposed Coordination Between Al-Houthis and Muslim Brotherhood of Maasheek

habet Hussain Saleh, a southern political and military analyst, mocked the exposed coordination between Al-Houthi militias and Muslim Brotherhood of Maasheek as the Al-Houthis warned against breaching the legitimacy of Muslim Brotherhood.             In a post on Face book, Saleh said: “An ironic and exposed coordination. Al-Houthis who are coup …

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One of Al-Houthis Leaders Demand the Legitimacy Government to Punish Southern Students Who Denounced Aden Attacks

eaders of Al-Houthi militias demanded the legitimacy government to punish southern students in Germany as they denounced recent attacks in Aden that caused tens of martyrs among southern military forces, including Brigadier Muneer Mahmoud (Abu Yamama).             Al-Yaoum Al-Thamen Website, quoting diplomatic sources in Berlin, indicated that one of Al-Houthi …

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Recent Attacks Exposed Coordination Among Enemies of the South and Highlighted Southern Awareness Against Agitating Campaigns: General Secretariat

eaded by Ahmed Lamlas, secretary general of the southern transitional council, general secretariat of the council held its regular meeting in Aden on August 5th, 2019.             The meeting started with a mourning moment on the soles of martyrs of the two terrorist attacks on Sheikh Othman Police Station and …

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Backup and Supports Forces and Security Belt Forces Deny Responsibility Over Aden Campaigns and Publishes hotline numbers for Reporting Assaults

everal news channels and websites shared news about campaigns for Backup and Supports Forces and Security Belt Forces to expel northern citizens and close their shops. An official source of the commandership of Backup and Support brigades (Security Belt) completely denied this news asserting that they are false and that …

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Southern Lawmakers Demand International Investigation on Northern Occupation Troops Crimes Against Southern People

outhern lawmakers demand Un and other International Human Rights Bodies to quickly protect the southern people from brutal crimes of northern occupation troops. According to them, vicious crimes against the southern people started with fanatic “Fatwa” of Muslim Brotherhood leaders considering the southern as atheists. Theses crimes continued till now …

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