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Appeals for Humanitarian Organizations to Save Refugees’ Camps in Abian

nis Al-Yousufy, executive director of Abian Refugees’ camps unit and member of urgent response committee, addressed the executive director of the Republic’s refugees camps unit, Dr. Nageeb Al-Saadi, and representatives of domestic and international humanitarian organizations and charities to urgently interfer to save refugees in several camps in Zanzibar (Hesn …

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Security Forces of Socotra Joins STC and Marshal Laws Declared

ll security units in Socotra declared joining to the southern transitional council on Friday October 4th, 2019. Security forces raised southern flags over their stations after dismissing brigadier Ali Ahmed Al-Ragdahi, Police Chief of Socotra, and replacing him with Faez Salem Tahes.             Security forces, military police, general security and …

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Fog Spray Campaign Launched in Abian by UAE Red Crescent

part of the urgent response campaign launched by UAE Red crescent in the liberated governorates, health care and population department of Abian started a fog spray campaign in Abian against mosquitoes carrying malaria and dengue fever. The campaign targeted Zanzibar and Khanfar for five days.              The campaign came after …

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Secret Prisons Run by Muslim Brotherhood in Shabwa

l-Ayam, the prominent Adani newspaper exposed secret prisons established and run by Muslim Brotherhood militias in Shabwa. According to Al-Ayam, local sources indicated that Muslim Brotherhood militias coming from Mareb turned STC Headquarters and Al-Shuhada camp of Shabwa Elites Forces in Ataq into secret prisons after controlling the city. These …

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Lamlas Takes a Tour in Aden and Meets Citizens

hmed Hamed Lamlas, secretary general of the southern transitional council, took a tour in Aden streets and parks where he met citizens and listened to their demands and problems. In this rainy weather, Lamlas asserted to citizens that the council is exerting best efforts to normalize life and sustain security …

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Al-Zubaidi Meets the French Ambassador to Yemen in Jeddah

resident Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi of the Southern Transitional Council and Supreme Commander of Southern Armed Forces, received Mr. Christian Tiesto, the French ambassador to Yemen, in his residence in Jeddah. The meeting discussed several issues concerning political and security files in the south in addition to recent developments of Jeddah …

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