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Adan Security Chief Meets Representatives of UN Delegate to Yemen

Brigadier General Shallal Ali Shaia, security chief of Adan, met representatives of UN delegate to Yemen, Mr. Marian Cops, a security officer in the UN delegate’s office, Mr. Mohamed Khater Zaid, chancellor of UN delegate’s office, and Mrs. Hawa Al-Tayeb, communication officer of UN delegate’s office. The delegation discussed with …

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Suicidal Bomb in Adan Leads to Several Killings and Injuries

Two suicide bombs targeted the entrance of the southern transitional council and headquarters of anti-terrorism forces in Al-Tawahy and led to three martyrs and several injuries. A medical source indicated that three corpses arrived at a hospital with several injured persons, mostly civilians. The targeted posts are in the Gold …

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In a Sudden International Progress in the Southern File, An International Organization Recommends Sending International Deter Forces to Secure Borderlines of 1990

The International Organization of Less Developed Countries (IOLDCs) in Geneva delivered a written statement on Friday February 23rd, 2018, about the fragile conditions of human rights in Yemen because of the lack of basic rights including child rights, women rights, right for security and living, rule of law in addition …

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Department of Human Rights of the Southern Transitional Council Holds an Introductory Forum on the International Day of Social Justice

Department of human rights of the southern transitional council held van introductory forum in celebration of the international day of social justice on February 20th, 2018. Neeran Sawky, chairman of the department of human rights headed the forum while Zaher Saleh Al-Gunaid, a southern lawyer, presented a working paper on …

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Al-Ba Hasany: Hadhramaut Elites, Security Forces and Intelligence Show Heroic Deeds in the Battel of Honor

Brigadier General Farag Salmeen Al-Ba Hasany, governor of Hadhramaut and commander of the second military zone, attended an honorary celebration held by Department of Education in Hadhramaut Coast on Wednesday morning for honoring prominent students. During the celebration, Al-Ba Hasany delivered a speech praising the efforts of students and asserting …

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