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Central Bank of Yemen Responds to Rumors on Social Media

SMA News – Follow-ups
Social media activists and some websites shared rumors about the intent of the Central Bank of Yemen to print additional amounts of Yemeni Riyals that may lead to the collapse of the national currency in front of foreign currencies, especially US Dollar. The Central Bank of Yemen officially negated the rumors saying that no new amounts of banknotes will be printed, and monetary exchange will be limited to amounts under current exchange. As for 100 and 200 bills, the bank indicated that they are already printed as replacement of damaged bills under current exchange and replacement will be gradually initiated. Rumors spread only four days after the meeting of Dr. Mohamed Zamam, governor of the Central Bank of Yemen with representatives of trade and commercial champers, directors of commercial banks and businessmen. The bank calls everyone to depend only on officially issued information by the the bank.

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