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Chairman of Shabwa Local Leadership: Today the South Has the Will and Determination Different from Previous Years

SMA News – Interviews – Ibah Al-Merkashi

I n a brief encounter with Sheikh Ali Al-Slimani, chairman of Shabwa local leadership, we talked about the dignity and honor of the south with an honorable figure of the south. We asked him a few questions which he answered willingly.

What is the difference between political work of the past and present?

            The will of the southern people is now different from before. Today, we are determined and persistent on the military and political contexts. We work with all southern partners and there are no differences as the revolutionary project and cause are our main goal.

What is the vision of the Southern Transitional Council?

            The council has a clear political and diplomatic vision about the southern cause and southern independence. Our constitution draws a road map with central bases that gather all southern leaderships and figures to guarantee the dignity and rights of the south that our people sacrifices a lot for gaining them. today, everyone should work and support the unified plan to provide all southern citizens with daily living essentials and services that became a nightmare for us all due to the poor economic conditions and corruption of the legitimacy government that works on increasing our suffering. Now, it is time to stop all this corruption and unjust.

How do you address all southern figures to work for the south?

            To those who are loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood legitimacy and other parties I say you should realize that the south sacrificed lots of martyrs, including brigadier Abu Yamama,, and we are still sacrificing more and more while we suffer war, negligence and corruption. Now, it is time to lineup and be united under one national attitude. Enough conspiracies. Our cause should be our goal and our people’s will should be above all of us. We should work together under leadership of the Southern Transitional Council headed by president Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, supreme commander of the Southern Armed Forces.

One last word for us?

            We will remain together at the same side for the south and the southern flag, regardless those enemies of the south. I’d like to thank Ihab Al-Merkashi for this civilized interview with me hoping that his media message will find listening ears.

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