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Clashes escalated between the demonstrators and the Iraqi security forces in Tahrir Square

SMA News – Agencies


The escalation of violent confrontations between the Iraqi security forces and the demonstrators in Tahrir square, after the security forces tried to break up the demonstration in Iraq, to ​​open a number of major closed roads.

According to Sky News, eyewitnesses confirmed that the security forces attempted to break up the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, while the social media circulated pictures showing attempts by the shock force to burn a number of tents in the city of Basra, which ignited the intensity of the confrontations between the security forces and the demonstrators, amid the launching of tears bombs.

The security forces attempt to break up the demonstrations led to confrontations between them and the demonstrators at the international road in the Thee Qar governorate southern Iraq, and Lieutenant General Mohamed Al-Bati, Secretary-General of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, confirmed to the media that the security forces will reopen the Al-Senak Bridge in Baghdad on Saturday.

While most of the protesters’ tents were burned in Basra, as Iraqis continued their demonstrations to achieve the demands of forming a government away from sectarian.

The demonstrators criticized the escalating security approach, accusing forces loyal to al-Sadr of assaulting the demonstrators after the failure of his millionaires, during which he called for the removal of American forces from Iraq, and amid the demonstrators’ adherence to remain in the pretending spaces without participating in partisan marches that are not in the interest of Iraq, as they say, and trying to undermine peaceful demands Demonstrators for the benefit of specific parties.



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