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Corona drugs spark international competition … global health resolves controversy

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In light of the escalating global panic from the spread price of the mysterious Corona virus, which killed hundreds and injured thousands, global competition began to revive a spark of hope by announcing a number of drugs that contribute to standing in front of the Corona virus monster, after it claimed many lives.


Chinese television announced the success of a research team at the University of Zhejiang, China, in the discovery of a drug to treat people with the new Corona virus.


And Chinese television reported that the results of preliminary tests showed that two drugs, Abidol and Daronavir, could effectively block the virus in laboratory cell experiments, according to Li, who is also a professor at Zhejiang University.


Lee had indicated that the anti-HIV drug Kilesi, which is currently being used, is not very effective and has side effects.


Li recommended that the two new drugs be included in the National Health Commission treatment program for pneumonia caused by the Coronavirus, while another leading researcher, Chen Zhupeng, stated that the two medications should not be taken without medical guidance.


What has fueled global hope is stopping the spread of the virus, the Chinese President’s remarks, made today, to confirm that positive results have been achieved in efforts to prevent the spread of the “new corona”.


In light of the global competition to find a drug to treat coronavirus sufferers, Professor Robin Shattuck, head of the Department of Immunology at the Imperial College in London, who is leading his team and a race to reach a vaccine to eradicate the Corona virus, confirmed that a team has made a “big leap” in reaching a drug Antivirus.


According to Sky News, the British scientist confirmed that the first stage of the vaccine will be carried out on animals, with the possibility of starting tests in humans next summer.


With the international acceleration that raised the slogan of hope to discover new vaccines to combat the Corona virus, the World Health Organization resolved this controversy in a statement today, Wednesday, as it played down the importance of media reports that indicated the discovery of “innovative” drugs that can treat people with the new Corona virus.


The World Health Organization resolved in a statement the cause of shock to the world that there are no effective treatments known to this virus so far.


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