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Countries Calling for Fighting Terrorism Add Two More Entities and Eleven Persons to Banning Lists

SMA News – Agencies
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab Republic of Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Bahrain renewed their commitment with fighting terrorism and drying its financial resources in addition to fighting extreme thinking and all its promotion means and joint work in immunizing communities against it. Accordingly, they added two more entities and eleven persons to their banning lists as follows:
First: entities
1. International Islamic Council (IIC)
2. International Union of Muslim Scientists (IUMS)
Second: persons
1. Khaled Nazem Diab
2. Salem Gaber Omar Ali Sultan Fathalla Gaber
3. Muiasser Ali Musa Abdullah Al-Gaboury
4. Mohamed Ali Said Atam
5. Hasan Ali Mohamed Gomaa Sultan
6. Mohamed Soliman Haidar Mohamed Al-Haidar
7. Mohamed Gamal Ahmed Heshmat Abd El-Hamid
8. Al-Sayed Mahmoud Ezzat Ibrahim Issa
9. Yahia Al-Sayed Ibrahim Mohamed Musdek
10. Kadry Mohamed Fahmy Mahmoud Al-Sheikh
11. Ala Ali Ali Mohamed Al-Samahy
The four countries indicated that the entities are terrorist organizations working to promote terrorism through using Islamic speech as a cover of facilitating their terrorist activities. In addition, persons are involved in several terrorist acts with direct support of Qatar on various levels, including passports and position in Qatari charities to facilitate their movements. In addition, the four countries asserted that through their full monitoring, they noticed that Qatari authorities are still support, finance and promote terrorism in addition to encouraging extremism and speech of hatred. Qatari authorities didn’t take any steps towards stopping their terrorist activities. Furthermore, the four countries asserted their full commitment with fighting terrorism and supporting and fostering security and stability of the region as they will never stop following any persons or organizations that proved to be with terrorist activities regionally and internationally.

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