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Demonizing the Victim

Anis Al-Sharafi

Southern Writer
Recently, I’ve read several articles and watched several talk shows that tried to demonize the southern people and accuse them with every possible crime. The last of these was the statement of Reform Party in Aden. This particular political party is completely involved in killing southern citizens and destroying the south. But now, the criminal is trying to accuse the victim with his own crimes using a massive official and party media machine in addition to all governmental capabilities just to serve his agenda!
In response to this ridiculous campaign to demonize the south, here are some of what the south has suffered at the hands of those who try to demonize it now.
• In 1990, we went to them and delivered the state, fortune, flag, currency, presidency and capital for nothing but our nationalistic eagerness of union. This eagerness was even far bigger to let us negotiate on power. We thought that our so-called partners share the same dream and same eagerness. But we found out later that this partner was always an enemy who smiles at our faces while digging our tombs from behind.
• Only one year after the union, the enemy started the conspiracy through establishing the Reform Party to trick the union partner and establish two northern parties against one southern. This is to share power among three partners so that the north gets two shares and controls decision making.
• The southern partner, socialist party, was still strong enough to face any risks. So, they exhausted it in several ways including assassinations. Nearly 150 persons were assassinated in one year while nearly 400 were assassinated from 1990 to 1994.
• From 1990 to 1994, Sanaa’s regimen fed tribalism through several tribal conferences with various contradicted outcomes. But they served as a maneuvering technique for the north. The Conference Party exchanged roles with the Reform Party. Even some tribes declared their neutralism as they were seemingly not loyal to either parties. The socialist party thought that the two northern parties are in conflict while they were really preparing for getting rid of their southern partner.
• Tribal conferences sent several messages inside and outside. One of these messages misled the socialist party that some northern tribes will show their support, leading the party to support them till they failed the party. Other messages were for states of the region through which they managed to mislead Saudi Arabia that they had the alternative in case the official regimen of the state fell. The third goal was to create an image for some trivial tribes as they they were invincible or as if they were the biggest and most courageous Arab tribes. But 2015 war uncovered their weak reality.
• All these events were indicators of the approaching military confrontation between the newly joined partners. The north sought full control while the south was still seeking partnership, equality and justice. The south was taken by the surprise of April 1994 when an unexpected war, for which the south was unprepared, broke. On the other hand, the north started preparations even before the union.
• The north used hatred, envy and even religious calls. The north imported Afghan-Arab warriors to a genocide against the south under the notion of clearing Yemen off socialism. Innocent persons were slaughtered in war that its consequences remain till today.
• When northern troops invaded Aden, Mohamed Said Al-Attar, acting prime minister, sent UN secretary general a message saying that the government is committed with true reconciliation dialogue with the south to remedy war consequences. This dialogue never happened.
• After the war all agreements, conventions and even the constitution became void. Sanaa’s regimen tailored a news constitution. Southern citizens were dismissed, displaced and even denied education. Public jobs in running public facilities in the south were for northern directors only while northern citizens were forced to diaspora.
• Fortunes of the south were robbed through linking it to Sanaa. Trade agencies were taken and investment was monopolized by specific northern agencies and their southern collaborates.
• In 2007, the revolution of southern movement broke. Sanaa’s regimen faced the revolution with live ammunition. Thousands were killed, injured or detained. Mass killings that represent war crimes started. As the revolution became more and more glimmering, the regimen became even more brutal.
• In 2011, some northern youth interacted with the southern movement and the Arab Spring and rose against Sanaa’s regimen. Unfortunately, those vicious parties and partners of evil authority supported by influential business men used this revolution for their own interest. They brought a southern president to office just to get rid of the southern revolution. But their partners were not happy with that. So, they initiate coup and launched a fierce war against the south.
• They created a ridiculous play under the title of “National Dialogue”. But honorable persons withdrew when they realized that their cause will be manipulated. They were replaced by clowns of the regimen.
• Southern citizens who go to Sanaa take with them their investments, their science and experience and even their soles to support the northern people against Al-Houthis, as it is the case today in the west coast, Al-Baida and Suada. But northern citizens who head south are either corrupt officials, military maniacs, ISIS killers or corrupt traders. This is why the south hates any one who demands the existence of northern citizens in the south. What we saw of them is not forgettable.
• Robbers of southern lands and fortune are still residing in the south. Abu Awaja troops are still occupying Hadhramaut Valley and are still killing its citizens. They are preventing local authorities of Hadhramaut from controlling the governorate. Bihan, Shabwa, Al-Mehra and even Socotra are no difference.
• In 2015, northern troops of the second military zone became ISIS militants and started mass killings and terrorist acts in Hadhramaut’s coast. When the coast was liberated, they resided in the first military zone in Hadhramaut Valley. Unless they were expelled from the vally, Bihan, Shabwa, Al-Mehra and Socotra, they will remain as a serious threat to the south and the whole region.
• What did the south do to be treated like that by the north? Lords of war and corrupt influential persons in the north are still robbing the south and killing its citizens illegally. Then they claim that the south exercises racism! Is being patient with deprivation of the simplest needs of life, while revenues of the south are sent to Sanaa and Mareb, racism? The central Bank is in Aden. But this Bank is for expenses only. Keeping money is the privilege if Mareb and Sanaa!
• If you want northern citizens to have safe and free residence in the south, you should first withdraw your troops out of the south. You should punish your thieves. Your parties should back off the south. Only then, there will be high rank cooperation relations between two countries and two nations. Without this, the revolution will remain as a thorn in your throat and will never stop till our state is restored.
Now, what if we did to them only half of what they did to us? What would they say then? Let the history be our witness that right will be regained.

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