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Dilemma of the Union

Written by: Mansour Saleh

Looking at the other as an occupation is not a totally southern look. Even the northern, who claim their adoration of the union, look at any southern in their lands as an occupation, as long as he is there as a southern, not part of their anti-southern system.
The five-year war proved clearly that the north is north and the south is south. None of them will accept the other unless it is just a means towards another objective or a tool to target his own people.
In this war, the southern clearly proved that they are fighting for their country and for restoring their state. they proved that their existence in the north was for justified reasons including protection of their borders and supporting the Arab project in the face of the Iranian project as part of the Arab Coalition.
On the other hand, the northern are still playing tricks and claiming what they don’t really mean. They are with the legitimacy but work against it. They are with the southern resistance fighting on their lands but they fight with Al-Houthis and reinforce its troops with the coalition weapons.
Unfortunately, the northern think that southern existence in northern territories by force, even for defending them and their properties, is a humiliation for their values and manhood. For them, the southern is an intruding foreigner, a disbeliever and non-human as he is not tribal like them. therefore, they prefer their sectarian rival, Al-Houthis, to their defenders, the southern.
A prominent southern military commander once said: “We have sufficient power to liberate the whole north in a few months if we are facing only Al-Houthis. But our problem is that the northern are looking to as as an occupation. They think of us as mercenaries and aggressors. Although we were very kin on providing them with protection, help and aids, we suffered for several times from treachery and disloyalty in these territories”.
In conclusion, disengagement is a true fact on the ground and in the hearts of people. Those who talk about a unified Yemen are merely snooty, thieves or feeble-minded who don’t know what is going on around them.

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