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Disengagement with the Yemeni Religious Slavery State… Does it Begin?

Written by: Gamal Ba Hurmuz – Southern Writer
By nature, humans reject political, religious or whatsoever kind of tyranny and dictatorship, neither from individuals nor from components who believe they are agents of God on earth. Islam itself is a revolution against religious slavery of minds and bodies. Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, was this revolution’s leader and we should learn from his history.
All educated societies reject those who think they speak for God in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Just as peoples of Europe revolted against the church’s authority with its priests who sunk Europe in darkness and ignorance and then leaped towards advanced sciences and life of dignity, the Arab countries will revolt against all religious parties, authorities and political systems that follow either the Supreme Murshid or General Murshid.
These revolutions were actually anti-revolutions against the Arab Spring where extreme lobbies, supported by regional and major powers, tried to steal the people’s revolutions just to send the Arab and Islamic nations into chaos. This happened in front of us in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and other places. But the early start was from the Arab South in its peaceful movement in 2007.
The Arab South revolted against deep state systems when they stole the union state powers and turned it into tools for terrorism, and political, religious and military oppression that practices killing, robbery, marginalization, exile and denial of rights for all southern except for those who agreed under this fascist state and initiate its agenda against their own people.
Un any state that exercises religious slavery and dictatorship under the name of God, nothing goes right and the people of such states are lost among failure and chaos. By that, they lose their lives and afterlives as well.
An example of that was the Arab Republic of Yemen as tens of years ago several countries manipulated the fate of this state and role playing started between the Supreme Murshid and General Murshid. Followers of Iran, Turkey and Israeli played in the front while the major powers remained behind the scenes.
The expected end was failure of the state’s organization followed by sharing power between the two parties of Zaidi Plateau. They fought for their shares of fortune and power. They were divided between the General Murshid of Muslim Brotherhood and Supreme Murshid of Iran.
In a situation like that, the state of organizations can never survive. Wars and coup were the cause for interference by the Arab Coalition as custodian over this failure state under UN umbrella.
The world discovered that leaders of this state had no honor and can never be trusted to commit with agreements and conventions. In front of a ruling gang, military interference was the only way.
After five years of military interference by the Arab Coalition, the two side of conflict exchanged roles to fail this action and other UN decisions. They never cared for the suffering of their own people in the north and the southern people.
The international society recognized the fact that only the south defends the security of international navigation in Baba Al-Mandeb and Aden Gulf. Arab and Islamic nations, including Saudi Arabia, recognized the fact that only the south defends their security against the Iranian agenda. If they failed the south, children of Sa’da will be able to reach for Riyadh and remove the ruling dynasty with full support of Iran. Saudis know it as well as the Americans, the Arabs and the Gulf States.
They also know well if this union remained, the south will be invaded again after the war and it will be lost just as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. The southern people, who proved that they are the real barrier on the way of Iranian agenda, will be forsaken.
Iran is not targeting northern Yemen as it has no long shores nor borders with Saudi Arabia, except for a small portion. They want the south for that. Iran wants the south for its strategic position and the north plays only the role of the jailer who prevents the south from revolution. Iran wants the south because its ground, naval and aerial borders are more serious for the Gulf and the whole region.
Therefore, the new ruling Imams of Sanaa, Al-Houthis, can never exercises one-way disengagement with the south, even if they wanted, because their decision is taken from Tehran. They will continue war even if they lost their last man. They can’t go against their greedy Iranian desire as Iran is the only state that supported them and turned them against their Arab nation.
After five years of war, it is clear that the party that escaped from Sanaa was inside the legitimacy not to end the coup of the other party. Instead, he was there to support the coup, fail the coalition and reinvade the south to serve the Iranian agenda.
Facts on the ground clearly indicate that the Arab Coalition and major powers of the world are convinced with disengagement as a key for stabilizing the region. The establishment of two military bases for the coalition in east and west Aden is a clear development for disengagement with the north. This started a week ago with clear words of the coalition’s spokesman.
Saudi Arabia sent troops and equipment to Aden. This will be followed by Arab troops inactivation for the Arab Joint Defense Treaty. The Arab Coalition retreated from Mareb and Naham, two northern governorates, to the south in a clear indication for this trend too. Europe, UN and the coalition countries started holding conferences that join southern leaders of the southern transitional council and other leaders abroad is also a clear indication for that.
The only solution, in the light of conspiracies of northern military and political leaders who are following either the Supreme Murshid or General Murshid, is disengagement with the north.

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