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Egyptian Army Chief of Staff: We are ready to face all challenges

SMA News /Follow-up
Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces, said on Wednesday that the Egyptian army is in the highest degree of eagerness and combat readiness to face all dangers and challenges.

He added, during his meeting with a number of leaders and soldiers of the Western Military Region, west of Cairo, that the Egyptian armed forces are able to safeguard the country’s sanctities and secure its borders in all strategic directions, in conjunction with providing all means of support to help the state agencies to confront the dangers of the Corona virus.

The spokesman of the Egyptian army, Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai, said that General Mohamed Farid, chief of staff of the Egyptian army, conveyed to the commanders, officers and soldiers, the greetings of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the first team, Mohamed Zaki, Minister of Defense and Military Production, to the men of the western military region, on the borders of Libya .He also praised the “protectors of the western gate” and their efforts in carrying out the tasks assigned to them, in facing criminal elements, smuggling gangs and infiltrators, and securing and protecting Egypt and its territorial integrity.

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