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EU Reporter: Al-Eslah Dominates Hady’s Cabinet and Creates Disturbance in the South

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EU Reporter, a European magazine, talked about concerning reports indicating the appearance of new terrorist groups in south Yemen, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS, that are held, to a great extent, responsible for escalating violence.

            According to the magazine, the increasing role of Al-Eslah Party and its domination over Hady’s cabinet is a major factor in escalating recent disturbances. Al-Eslah, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, is assumed responsible for disturbing stability in the whole Yemen.

            In addition, Al-Eslah used social media to mobilize militants who are known as closely related to Al-Qaeda and ISIS from Mareb. Furthermore, Mareb governor is a member of Al-Eslah party and is heavily supported by some of the most dangerous extremists in Yemen. These mobilization calls aim to destabilize the existence of the Arab Coalition and drive relative peace in the south after being liberated from Al-Houthis into failure.

            Involvement of terrorist groups in the civil war in Yemen was greatly neglected although these groups are capable of creating chaos through terrorist acts. On the other hand, international media tools and political powers concentrated on the fight between the Arab Coalition and Al-Houthi militias.

            The Arab Coalition armed forces, especially UAE, achieved major advances, especially in Al-Makla, during the past three years as these troops dismantled the ability of these terrorist groups for creating death and destruction.

            According to the report, return of these terrorist groups will escalate violence in the south with full support of Al-Eslah extremist party. And this will represent a major concern for the whole world.

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