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Fiercest military confrontations break out in Tor Al-Baha front and Haifan north of Lahj

SMA NEWS / Lahj – Tor Al-Baha / Exclusive


The most violent military confrontations took place on Friday, on the fronts north of Lahj, between the forces of the Fourth Hazm Brigade of Southern forces in charge of combat missions in the fronts of Tor Al-Baha, Haifan Ereem, and the Houthi militias, in which all types of heavy and medium weapons were used, as well as artillery and missile strikes.

The missile and artillery force of the Fourth Hazm Brigade, targeted and bombed the sites and reinforcements and fortifications of the Houthi militia, which had very large reinforcements and advanced weapons.

The fiercest confrontations are taking place in Saeed Taha strategic Site, which is controlled by the Houthi militia, where at least three Houthis were killed and five others were injured, after being targeted tightly by the artillery of the Fourth Brigade, in which the forces of the Fourth Brigade are awaiting for the instructions to storm the enemy’s positions.

In a special statement, Brigadier-General Wafi Al-Ghabas Al-Subaihi, Commander of the Fourth Brigade, and who is in charge of the forces missions on the fronts of Tor Al-Baha, Haifan, Ereem, said that our forces are in a high combat readiness, and that the morale of the fighters is high to deal with the Houthi militias supported by Iran.

Al-Ghabas added that the new reinforcements of militias and their continuous mobilization will not intimidate us. rather, it will increase the determination and valor of our fighters, and we will not allow them to advance even a single inch to our sites towards Al-Sabiha and the capital Aden, stressing that all their plans for progress will fail as before.

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