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Fighting One Half While Embracing the Other … Is It Logical?

Written by: Anis Rashed – Southern Writer
As we hated you, you left our minds for good. Why don’t you understand and let your stinky bodies leave too?! Is it good for you to be humiliated?
The north, all of them including Al-Houthis, Al-Eslah, the Conference, Tribal Leaders, are targeting Aden and killing our sons. Did you forget who bombarded us with missiles and drones? Who are killing our best men who are our brothers and cousins? If get the chance, you will slaughter us.
The southern are fighting in Al-Makha, the west coast, Sa’da, Kataba, Meris and other fronts in the north. They are being killed to defend the northern invaded, robbed and rapped by Al-Houthis.
At the same time, norther citizens refuge to the south to buy and sell freely and live in air-conditioned places as if nothing happened in the north! Nevertheless, when Al-Houthis target our sons we see the northern expressing their happiness while a few of them don’t. this means we are fighting half of the northern while their other supporting half is living among us as refugees.
Northern frogs yell and scream on TVs for expelling street hawkers in Aden. Isn’t it war? Isn’t it necessary to beware of spies? Or does the luxury life make you forget what is happening at your own homelands? Prophet Mohamed expelled Beni Kuraiza, the Jews of Medina, with all their women and children after they betrayed him during the battel of “Khunduq”. Was the prophet violating human rights then? I expect you to say so!
While you enjoy living in Aden, the southern are fighting for you. you buy and sell in the south while the southern are under fire for your lives and homes. You open your stores in the south while we dig new graves for our martyrs who died defending you. how long will you remain in your treason? Is it logical that the south is exchanged like goods by you? is it logical that half of you bombards us with missiles while we embrace the other half? What on earth or in heavens could make us do so?
These days are not your favorite ones as your sails are now under reverse winds. It is over now. You should choose either to call for all northern to return home in dignity or to receive them humiliated on buses and trucks.
The south today is not the south of yesterday. There is no place of traitors in the lands of martyrs. I hope the message is clear enough. Leave the south in dignity. Do it once in your life. Or else, you will leave in humiliation.

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