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Final statement Issued by #The_Million_March_of_Empowerment_and_Persistnce in Aden

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Issued by

#The_Million_March_of_Empowerment_and_Persistnce , called for by Southern NGOs, syndicates and public figures to support the measures taken by the southern transitional council and southern armed forces. Recited by: Mohamed Nasser Al-Nawaseri.
In the name of God, Most Merciful and Most Gracious.
Our glorious southern people:
Today, we are here in Aden, capital of the south and carrier of its national identity. We are here in the square of victory with all it symbolizes of sacrifices and struggles accumulated in our people’s mass memory, to express our attitudes of loyalty, determination and resistance of tyranny. We are here to declare our free national will to restore our southern independent state on its recognized borders before May 21st, 1990.
Our brave citizens of the South:
We are here to renew our loyalty to the bloods of southern martyrs and declare our support to the attitudes of the southern transitional council and its president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and all measures taken by the council to protect the gains of our people and preserving the southern rights, fortunes and national destiny. Therefore, we assert the following:
• What happened recently in Aden was the inevitable result of the mentality of Sanaa’s regimen and its Houthi and Terrorist Forces, in addition to the failure of successive governments of the legitimacy that became like a guillotine on the neck of our people since the liberation of Aden four years ago. These acts hindered restoring normal life and services, security and economic situations of our people, in spit of the generous support provided by the Arab Coalition.
• We declare our full support of all measures taken by the southern resistance to protect our people and restore security and stability all over Aden as a necessary measure to eliminate terrorism and extreme elements.
• We demand president Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council and Supreme Commander of Southern Resistance Forces, who was delegated publicly by Aden Historic Declaration on May 4th, 2017, to assume his historical responsibility delegated to him by the people to restore our independent state.
• We demand the international society and the Arab Coalition to turn the administration of the south to the southern transitional council as a representative of the southern people.
• We demand the international society and the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE to respect the will of our southern people as a major partner with the Arab Coalition in facing the Iranian expansion in the region and fighting terrorism and to achieve the goals of the Arab Coalition in restoring stability of the region and the whole world.
• We welcome and appreciate the invitation of Saudi Arabia to the Southern Transitional Council to talk with the legitimacy as we actually appreciate this act.
• We demand all sectors of the southern society to preserve the gains and achievement of southern resistance in addition to preserving public and private properties and fostering the spirit and values of civil culture, peaceful coexistence and social security and safety.
• We appreciate the heroic deeds of our southern resistance and its glorious victories and achievements and we demand them to continue clearing off all southern territories from terrorism and occupation in Bihan, Hadhramaut valley, Mukiras and everywhere in our beloved south.

We ask God for mercy to martyrs and quick healing to the injured
Long Live the South, Free and Independent

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