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Find out the real reason for targeting southern forces in Marib

SMA News – Marib
Senior southern sources in the government legitimacy revealed the true reason for targeting the southern forces in Marib by the Houthi militias with a ballistic missile a few days ago, which is the explosion that targeted more than 200 southern soldiers, resulting them killed and wounded.

The source said that the Houthi plan behind this incident, is to scatter the papers in Yemen through Turkish-Iranian coordination. The source added that the scheme aims mainly to target the southern forces, and then to promote that the UAE is the one that targeted them, and the main goal is to find a Saudi-Emirati dispute, which leads to weakening the coalition.

The senior southern source confirmed that preliminary investigations confirm directives of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood residing in Turkey who indicated to the commander of the Fourth Brigade a presidential protection to transfer its soldiers to this camp weeks ago.

The source said that Brotherhood elements monitored the locations of the southern forces, and gave the signal to the Houthi militia to bomb the camp, which is not far from the Houthi militia sites.

The source said that the media supported by Iran, Qatar and Turkey, immediately after the incident, sought to hold the UAE responsible for implementing the scheme, and directed its intelligence elements such as Anis Mansour and Adel Al-Hassani to appear on TV channels such as Al-Jazeera, Belqees, and Yemen Youth to divert attention from the Houthis and hold the state responsible.

The source confirmed that the honorable leadership in the legitimacy realized the plan, led by Turkey and Iran in Yemen, to disrupt the Riyadh agreement and to introduce the southern provinces into total chaos, and held Houthi full responsibility for the incident. The source wished the honorable leaderships in the legitimacy to reveal the Brotherhood’s role in this crime and to hold the responsible persons accountable for it, which ordered the transfer of these forces to Marib.

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