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First Anniversary of the Establishment of the Southern Transitional Council … Victories and Challenges

Abd Al-Kareem Ahmed Said

Southern Writer
Next Friday, May 11th, 2018, is the first anniversary of establishing the southern transitional council, a historic event in our lives and a new turn in the path of southern revolution. The council is now our legitimate representative of our southern will and expectations after public delegation on May 4th, 2017, the day of the Historic Declaration of Adan. According to this declaration, president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi coordinated his efforts with other political and social powers in the south to establish the southern transitional council on May 11th, 2017 to lead this critical stage of our revolution. On May 21st, this delegation was supported again when the south supported the council in a magnificent million-march to confirm that the south is behind his political leadership to achieve the desired goal for which our martyrs sacrificed their lives. This made the whole world look back to the south after more than ten years of media blackout on the peaceful southern movement in 2007.
The region and the international society realized that the south has a cause of destiny that I critical in final solution of conflicts in the region. This cause can never be ignored as the southern people is behind a unified political leadership with a clear political agenda to restore the new federal state of the south.
As any other revolution in the world, we could have never been succeeded unless objective conditions and subjective elements (political elites) are complete. This second element led the southern revolution to delay for years in seeking its political rights.
But now, the council as a political elite under commandership of Aidarous Al-Zubaidi is leading the transitional stage in the south after completing its organizational structure and launching field visits to all southern governorates to consult and coordinate about representatives of each governorate in the national assembly, declared recently, as a temporary parliament for the south. The council also established a center for support and decision making, local authority in governorates and directorates and finally foreign affairs offices in major capitals of the world as diplomatic representatives to the whole world. These offices are to explain our rightful demands and to gain international support for our rightful cause till we reach independence and restore our state robed by dark forces and symbols of corruption, terrorism and ignorance.
Our cause now depends on our national unity and mobilization behind our unified political leadership represented in the southern transitional council. We should work as a team to restore our soil and our humanity, away from any political conflicts, individual interests or even sectarian or party agendas. We should avoid doubts and calls for treason as national dialogue should be the base for solving our issues. We should trust each other, understand each other and find mutual compromises that help us as a unified southern nation to pass all difficulties and challenges imposed on us by enemies of humanity and freedom.
Of course, today’s south will be different from yesterday. We should learn from our past mistakes and experiences to create a better future for upcoming generations who should be proud of us. It is a new south governed by no single tribe, party or governorate, but by true partners of the same modern civilian state that is long awaited by our people. For this state we sacrificed martyrs just to live in peace, security and justice, from Al-Mehra to Bab Al-Mandeb.
We all know that the path is not paved with flowers. Instead it is full of thorns, dangers and holes. But our will and determination will provide us with victory.
I hear by call every southern citizen, inside or outside the south, to let the past go and clear his mind and heart from parasites of sectarianism and partitives. I call you all to be sincere in your patriotic efforts. Our boat of freedom is sailing in a stormy sea of conspiracies and we should save it our it will be drawn. We all love our country, we all love freedom, but we all live in danger too. History will never forgive us if we failed our children and grandchildren. Save the south and bear your responsibilities before it is too late.
We also call the leadership of the southern transitional council, all southern political powers and commandership of the southern resistance to bear their historical responsibilities towards the southern people. They should work together to serve this free and independent south. They should create real unified southern position in any upcoming political solution. The south astonished the world with his peaceful revolution and iron will. I think victory is the prize to be gained.

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