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First Brigade Resistance Supports Al-Oud and Meris in Al-Dalia

SMA News – Al-Dalia – Exclusive

Troops of the first brigade resistance supported Al-Oud and Meris fronts with more soldiers on Sunday April 7th, 2019, in addition to security belt and national army troops fighting against Al-Houthi militias in these fronts. Two battalions of the brigade were deployed in Meris and Al-Oud after being equipped and prepared for two weeks under supervision of General Saif Sakara, commander of the brigade, as they underwent combat trainings to face the enemy once deployed.
General Saif Sakara indicated that Al-Houthis don’t commit with any convention. He indicated that they are enemies of sectarian and theological nature packed from Iran. They are trying to advance towards Al-Dalia after being defeated in a previous war but we can never allow that and we will face them with all our force and they will be defeated also.
He added that two battalions were deployed to support their brothers in their heroic fight against Al-Houthi militias. He added that Al-Houthis will be defeated and their Iranian project will be eliminated as they will have no place among honorable people.
General Sakara urged his soldier to stand and achieve victory over those enemies with God’s will and the will of southern people and resistance members at Meris and Al-Oud. He called for all citizens to line up and stay away from regionalism and betrayal calls that lead to divide all faithful efforts.

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