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For the South and the Council But not the Those …

Written by:

Mahmoud Al-Madawi – Southern Writer 

            As all southern who suffered the unjust and aggression of the state in 1994 and 2015 invasions, my wish is to restore the southern state and I have no intention to leave this wish, no matter the sacrifices are. This is final and unnegotiable, except for idiots or envious. These facts are the main axiom for these few lines. 

            We should realize that the south today is not the same as before the million march of empowerment or the million march of loyalty to UAE, especially with the south living under media chaos that is well-planned as part of the psychological war against the south. 

            We are facing delusions of so-called media men who have nothing to do either with traditional or alternative media. This proves the fact that Yemeni occupation left us a legacy of informants and pretenders who play their roles in serving its agenda. They are trying to spread their so-called fog to distract us from the main topic, especially when it comes to Jeddah talks and what they call “UAE occupation in the south”! this is completely consistent with coup militias of Al-Houthis in Sanaa who are calling the Arab Coalition as the Saudi – Emirati aggressive alliance. Unfortunately, some southern, or at least they pretend to be so, used the same words in topics that look like being with the south and STC while they are actually against both. They are repeating the same enemy words to facilitate delivering them to simple citizens easily. 

            They even try to image STC leaders as if above criticism while the council leadership refuses that totally and always admits mistakes if happened as in the end we are humans not angles. 

            In conclusion, there are some who fight the south and STC form inside the south and the council. Those are even more dangerous as they are like timed bombs that may explode if we didn’t defuse them immediately. Those should be filtered away from emotions. This step is essential right now. 

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