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From the Southern People to the Northern People

Written by:
Mansour Saleh – Southern Politician

Our brothers in the north as ordinary citizens, just like us, are not meant by any harsh description on the southern tongues when we talk about the north. Our problem with the north is complicated but remains only with influential officials and decision makers who insulted themselves with their corruption while the northern people pay that heavy price. They insulted themselves when they insist on that their greed is a public demand of the northern people. Because of them, the word “Union” reminds every southern with robbery, killing, theft and, worst of all, vicious occupation.
Unfortunately, influential officials of northern Yemen are not ashamed of their corruption and greed in southern fortunes as if they inherited them from their ancestors. Therefore, they talk about their “mean” agendas loudly.
The ambush that we want our northern brothers to avoid is to see the greed of those influential as honorable attitudes that defend national agendas and national interests, just as their twisted talks about the never-been union that has no future at all.
We have kin and brothers in the north, whom we see before our eyes when we are about to write any word criticizing the north. For them, we apologize in advance for every sentence that doesn’t even target them. but at the same time, we have enemies in the north who are killers, thieves and undignified. For those we aim our anger. It is our right to defend our existence and restore our lands that those gangsters robbed and killed under the notion of “Union”. For them union only comes with land and fortunes, not people.
Arabs of the south see the baldness and persistence of corrupt influential of the north to robe the southern fortunes under the notion of Union, as it is the case in Hadhramaut and Shabwa, as a shameful attitude that increases hatred to anything related to the so-called union. This makes us more persistent to claim our right in restoring our state and protecting our interests from thieves who feel no shame.
Unfortunately, northern politicians dealt with the union as thieves. They turned it from a profit-seeking mega project into an ugly occupation. They turned it from a development project into a theft and exhaustion of fortunes for the benefit of well-dressed thieves.
The southern/northern union no longer exists. It failed during its early months leaving behind a scar of a deep wound in the social texture of the two countries who had even more powerful ties before that doomed union. What the northern and southern should think about rationally is their future and good neighborhood relations to maintain and preserve previous interests and to overcome the calculations of thieves who stick to unachievable projects.

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