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General Saleh Al-Sayed: We Are Not War Seekers But We Are Forced to War

SMA News – Lahj – Exclusive
In a special statement, General Saleh Al-Sayed, Chief of Lahj Security Forces said: We didn’t want war but we are forced to it when we saw those who are manipulating the destiny of our homelands without respect to martyrs’ bloods and sacrifices of widows and orphans. They wanted to force us back to what we rejected”.
“We saw and exposed their plans to turn us back to followers and tools in the hands of Al-Eslah and its accomplices without any respect to our sacrifices for freedom and independence and to restore our state that was hijacked by the theocratic regimen that only seeks its personal interests”, added Al-Sayed.
He also said: “we were very patient and we said they may revise their acts. We sent them our rejection to these acts but they arrogantly refused to listen to us, thinking that we are the weaker partner”.
“But when we are fed up, the political leadership represented in the Southern Transitional Council took the determinative decision to stop them and restore things to normal. We will work on preserving our national gains and lineup all our people. To those whom we are different with we say that we are reaching for you to work together in a southern spirit loyal to this country and our people who suffered a lot as we are building what Muslim Brotherhood destroyed. Our citizens should inform us about any violations either from our soldiers or from terrorists. They should call us immediately and we will be there to punish anyone who tries to miss up with the security and stability of our lands”, said Saleh.
The statement came after clearing the fourth brigade off terrorist elements and the transportation brigade in Dar Saad declared enlisting under the Southern Transitional Council.

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