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Hady Dismisses Ben Daghar and Appoints Maeen Abd Al-Malek as Prime Minister

SMA News – Yemen – Exclusive
President Abd Rabu Mansour Hady issued the presidential decree no. 180 / 2018 concerning the appointment of prime minister:
Presidential Decree No. 180 / 2018 Concerning the Appointment of Prime Minister
The President
After Consulting the constitution of the Republic of Yemen, the initiative of Gulf Cooperation Council and its two mechanisms signed on November 23rd, 2011. And due to the negligence in the governmental performance during the previous period in services and economic issues in addition to the government’s failure in decreasing the suffering of citizens, solving their problems and providing their needs. The government proved unable to stop economic deterioration in the country, especially with the collapse of national currency in addition to the government’s failure to take proper measures to face the Hurricane Laban in Al-Mehra that caused citizens of Al-Mehra severe damages without any actual moves from the government to achieve the desires of our people, restore the state and establish security and stability. For the supreme interest of the country
It is Decided
Article (1) Dr. Ahmed Obaid Ben Daghar is to be dismissed of his office as prime minister and filed to interrogation
Article (2) Dr. Maeen Abd Al-Malek Said is to be appointed as prime minister
Article (3) Dr, Salem Ahmed Said Al-Khanbashi is to be appointed as deputy prime minister
Article (4) Members of the government are to continue their works according to their appointment decrees
Article (5) This decision takes effect since its publishing in the official newspaper
Issued in the Presidency on 6-2-1440 H. – 15-10-2018 A. D.

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