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Hady-Leavs_Down_With_legitimacy … A news Southern Hashtag on Tweeter

SMA News – Follow-ups
Southern activists launched a new hashtag on tweeter to express their rejection of the tries of Abd Rabu Mansour Hady to return the south again to Yemen. The hashtag says #Hady-Leavs_Down_With_legitimacy.
Activists indicated that Hady is doing so while the southern supported him after he was expelled from Sanaa but he is still exercising hostility against the south and he should leave.
Southern activists and journalists shared what they saw as perplexing attitudes of the Yemeni presidency kidnapped by Muslim Brotherhood through dominating Hady’s decisions.
They indicated that Muslim Brotherhood is dominating Hady through Abdullah Al-Olimi who is directing this administration to serve their agenda. They also indicated that Yemenis thought that Hady’s administration will represent everyone. But facts clearly show that Muslim Brotherhood is taking this administration away to the narrow party circle.
Under this domination of Al-Eslah, Hady became very far from all parties, even to the closest to him.

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