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Hailey: Russia Assumes Responsibility of Chemical Attacks in Syria

SMA News – New York – Exclusive
In her speech during UN Security Council meeting on Friday April 13th, 2018, US permanent delegate to UN, Niki Hailey, indicated that Al-Asad use chemical weapons for at least 50 times and this should not pass without steps against the use of chemical weapons. Hailey asserted the responsibility of of Moscow towards using chemical weapons in Syria and added that Russia used Veto 12 times in the security council to protect Al-Asad’s regimen. She also indicated that president Trump didn’t take a decision yet towards possible measures to be taken in Syria. In turn, Russian permanent delegate, Vasyli Nippensia, warned about repeating scenarios of Iraq and Libya in Syria, adding that Russian troops in Syria are there upon the request of Syrian government to fight terrorism. He indicated that any US military actions in Syria may exhaust all diplomatic efforts to solve the Syrian crisis and may jeopardize international security.

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