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Haytham: We assure our great southern people, “The situation is under control.”

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Nizar Haytham, the spokesperson for the Southern Transitional Council, made an important statement about the events that are witnessed at the eastern entrance to the capital Aden, “The Point of Al-Alam”, in which he says:

To our people, at home and abroad ..

We assure you that things are totally under control, and there is no longer any cause for concern.


We would like to point out that there were attempts to circumvent the terms of the Riyadh Agreement, by the Brotherhood, which was met by the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council with categorical rejection, and the position of the brothers in the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was positive and fruitful by returning these mechanisms to their previous positions after a situation of unjustified tension


Things have returned to normal, and the Council will continue its efforts towards the proper implementation of the agreement, while our valiant southern armed forces and resistance will remain in their full combat readiness and willingness to carry out any tasks in defense of our dear homeland.


Eng. Nizar Haitham

Official spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council

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