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If Only Sanaa Made Truce with Aden!!!

Written by: Ali Al-Bukhiti – Prominent Northern Politician

If only we responded to the southern demands since their peaceful movement in 2007, we would never reach this moment of humiliation.
Their demands were very clear. They were killed, expelled and called the worst names ever like separatists, slaves of Iran and what so ever. They watched patiently the government weaving a plot against them with other parties but they kept walking steadily and determinatively towards their goal.
Thousands of them were forcefully retired. Their military personnel were demobilized. Their sons were expelled to gulf states in pursuit of secure jobs. We robbed them off their rights and today we are weeping over spilled milk.
Today, no one can stop them. only a layer can say so. They gained force and strength. They are part of the iron coalition of the Gulf. UAE will support them as they proved themselves as men of honor who sacrifice their lives if they promised to.
I wish that we would support them even with words. If only we protested against the oppression and tyranny practiced against them. If only …

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