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Important clarification


The relationship of the South with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is distinguished and exceptional, and for this reason what touches the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, leadership, government, and people, affects first the south, the homeland, the people, and leadership.

Our keenness to establish distinguished relations with our brothers in the Kingdom stems from the obligations of brotherhood, geography, and common destiny, and our partnership with them deepened in the fields of confronting regional hostile projects targeting national security and the Arab project led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Proceeding from this, the Transitional Council condemns all media campaigns targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its pioneering role, and calls on all not to be drawn into those politicized, malicious campaigns directed by the forces hostile to our people, our cause, and our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We reaffirm that we are working with the brothers in the Kingdom to enhance security and stability in our beloved south, and to overcome all obstacles that some forces are trying to fabricate to hinder and thwart the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, and we also affirm that we will remain side by side with the brothers in the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront the Houthi militias, groups, and organizations of terrorist and extremist.

Hence, we call upon all the people of the South to support and assist their leadership and armed forces in this decisive confrontation against all the forces targeting to harm our people and our cause and the security of our allies and our regional neighborhood.


Official spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council

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