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Important Recommendations of the Independent Southern Group at the End of the 39th Round of UN Human Rights Council – Geneva

SMA News – Geneva – Exclusive
Independent Southern Group participating in the 39th Round of UN Human Rights Council – Geneva, issued its recommendations on Thursday September 27th, 2018. Recommendations included remarks on biases of Experts’ Report about Human Rights in Yemen and participation of the south in peace talks in addition to the southern right of self-determination. The following are the recommendations:
• Experts’ Report about Human Rights in Yemen didn’t fulfill the southern victims’ expectations as the report is full of biases in addition to ignoring all violations of Al-Houthis in Aden and other southern governorates. The report was not neutral as it was clearly biased to one side of the conflict. This makes many to consider it as a politicalized report. Therefore, we recommend that UN Human Rights Council should consider these remarks to correct such biases to guarantee neutrality of international initiatives of investigating violations of human rights.
• The group recommend the necessity to reform the national commission of human rights according to Paris principles and to formulate a national commission for transitional justice.
• The group asserts the importance of war criminals and commanders of Al-Houthi militias to be tried in front of the International Court of Justice and we demand UN Human Rights Council, UN general Assembly and other international bodies not to let criminal escape punishment.
• The group expresses the southern attitude towards the expected political solution for the Yemeni crisis. It is important that the southern people should be represented in peace process. Recent failure of peace consultations led by UN envoy in Geneva last week is a clear evidence on the consequences of excluding the southern transitional council from peace talks as this led southern people and resistance to peacefully escalate demonstrations in all southern cities in addition to military escalation in Al-Hodeida. We assert to UN envoy that any talks that exclude the southern party will fail as the southern cause the key to solve Yemeni crisis.
• The group notifies you with the deteriorated conditions in southern governorates that lack simplest needs of human life like water, electricity, salaries and other services. We assert that the legitimacy Yemeni government is corrupt and is escaping its responsibilities towards those citizens. We recommend UN and its bodies to exert more pressure on this government to resign or to assume its responsibilities while all options are open for southern citizens to decrease their suffering.
• The group recommends the Supreme Commission and all other UN organizations to be active in Aden in the south and to train local NGOs in addition to qualifying security troops in human rights. We recommend supporting security belt troops as the front line in facing terrorist groups and extremists as weakening these troops is in favor of terrorists.
• The group demands the Supreme Commission and all other UN organizations to to open offices in Aden and to exist in the south so as not to let other politically-oriented bodies to issue falsified reports that don’t represent reality in the south.
• The group recommends activating the role of southern women through training and qualification in law-making and political work.
• The group calls UN and all other free men in the world to support the southern right of self-determination and restoring a free independent state as all holy legislations, laws and UN convention recognize the right of peoples in self-determination.

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