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Imposing De Facto

Written by: Salem Abdullah Shumila
After October 3rd statement, the Southern Transitional Council and the Arab Coalition became under major pressure because of the claims that the North is under control of Al-Houthis while the South is under control of the council and who is eligible to deal with the international society as there is no state?! Therefore, the council should take progressive steps as follows:
First, the council should activate the role of dialogue commissions with other southern components to unify and unite the southern line as a first step towards independence.
Second, leaders of the council should concentrate on political movements to clarify the southern cause and its rightfulness in the region first. The international society will never recognize the southern cause unless the cause is recognized in the region first. The Arab countries, our regional neighbors and the international society should believe in our commitment with fighting terrorism, embracing democracy, respecting human rights and protecting foreign interests in the region.
Third, we should participate in ending war and enforcing peace in the north under UN umbrella led by UN envoy so that southern soldiers can return home. In addition, all military formations including the security belt, elites forces, giants brigades and southern resistance, should be unified under one military commandership as a core to the southern army. This is because withdrawal will occur after Sweden consultations according to a new UN Security Council’s decision.
Fourth, after political settlement and cease fire fostered by UN, president Hady will leave the political scene. Therefore, his troops, loyal to the legitimacy will find no other way except for joining their brothers in the south as they will never join Al-Houthis.
Fifth, we should impose de facto through coordination with other allies who should understand that we will never remain helpless towards our cause and we will never betray our martyrs’ bloods. We all know that the leadership can be put under pressure or even being detained but the street can never be stopped. We should also acknowledge that frustration and anger started to sneak into many supporters of the southern transitional council who lounge for freedom.
Finally, our brothers who are still suspicious towards the rightfulness of our cause and those who are not satisfied with some behaviors of some leaders of the council or some military formations unacceptable to them or erven those who tasted injustice, should know well that we are not angles and establishing the state will end all these situations and ratify them. unacceptable behaviors will not remain forever. Your presence as one hand in the face of smuggling weapons and drugs will change many things. But remaining silent will only make things even worse and our suffering will increase.
Through these steps we can impose de facto through unifying all efforts under a political and public will. We can reach what we desire. We can plan for managing our major foundations like the seaport, airport, the central bank, oil companies and military camps. Through this can sustain payments and protect our country.
In April 2014 during the celebration of the Southern Captive Day in Khanfar, I delivered a speech saying that we should impose de facto so that the international society can recognize us. I quoted Bill Clinton, former US president when he said “Aden is a red line” during 1994 war and when Aden was occupied, he didn’t say a word. I also referred to the same situation in Abha meeting. Today, we should be confident in our steps. We should keep up with our people’s will. Or else, our people will leave us behind.

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