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In Solidarity with UAE, Southern Citizens Demonstrate in Aden

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Massive crowds demonstrated in Aden on July 9th, 2019 demanding that UAE personnel remain in Aden and the south. Demonstrators raised the southern flags side by side with UAE flags as a sign of appreciation for what UAE did to our country in all military and humanitarian fields.
Demonstrators demanded that all voices calling for UAE to leave the Arab Coalition should shut up. They indicated that if UAE is out this means every thing will return to chaos.
They also denounced the methods of Al-Eslah party indicating that those who demand UAE to leave have no ethics especially with the precious sacrifices of UAE.
At the end of their demonstration, demonstrators thanked the leadership, government and people of UAE for all what they did to our country indicating that this dept will remain in the hearts of all free men.
Some persons, known with their loyalty to Al-Eslah party, recently appeared in media channels trying to minimized the role of UAE. Those persons are living in Turkey, the preferred country of Muslim brotherhood while their own houses are occupied by Al-Houthis in northern Yemen.

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