Biden warns against Iran’s ‘destabilising’ activities in Mideast


US President Joe Biden urged European powers Friday to work together to curb Iran’s “destabilising” activities in the Middle East, a day after committing to rejoin talks on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Biden told the Munich Security Conference that the United States would work closely with allies in dealing with Iran after his predecessor Donald Trump took an aggressive unilateral approach.

“The threat of nuclear proliferation also continues to require careful diplomacy and cooperation among us,” Biden told fellow leaders via teleconference.

“That’s why we have said we’re prepared to reengage in negotiations with the P5+1 on Iran’s nuclear program,” he said, referring to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany.

“We must also address Iran’s destabilising activities across the Middle East, and we’re going to work in close cooperation with our European and other partners as we proceed.”

Biden’s remarks came after his administration agreed to return to nuclear talks with Iran led by European allies, after Trump withdrew from the 2015 agreement which had put a hold Tehran’s nuclear program.

After Trump pulled out in 2018 and aggressively placed sanctions on many Iranian individuals and organizations to punish the country, the Islamic republic resumed enrichment and development activities in alleged violation of the pact.

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