Blinken: Washington is proud of its strong partnership with Iraq


Washington is proud of its strong partnership with Iraq that has deep roots, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday.

During a joint press conference with his Iraqi counterpart, Blinken said that Washington’s partnership with Iraq goes beyond countering Daesh and is based on mutual respect.

Fuad Hussein is part of a high-ranking delegation on a visit to the US and President Joe Biden will host Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi at the White House on July 26.

Al-Kadhimi is expected to push for a concrete timetable of foreign troop withdrawal during the meeting.

Iraq’s foreign minister said that Baghdad is keen to develop and strengthen relations with Washington in all fields including economically and politically.

Hussein expressed his hopes that the results of discussions between Iraq and America will serve both countries.

He added that the US is a key partner in the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh and that his government needs to exchange information with Washington to confront the terrrorist organisation.

The foreign minister added that Daesh still exists as a terrorist and military organisation and that the recent suicide bombing in Sadr City proves that Daesh remnants are still active.

Hussein called on the international community to take action to confront Daesh.

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