#Britain hints to go to Security Council for #Houthi intransigence on the issue of #Safer

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Britain confirmed that the Houthis continued to prevent United Nations experts from assessing the status of the oil tanker Safer on the Red Sea coast, to develop appropriate solutions to avoid a major oil spill, that would push the international community to obtain Security Council support to impose sanctions against them.

Michael Aaron, the British ambassador to Yemen, emphasized that the issue of “safer” oil tanker anchored off Ras Issa port in Hodeidah governorate on the Red Sea coast, is a priority for Britain and the international community, noting that any oil spill will lead to an environmental, marine and economic catastrophe.

The ambassador, who was speaking during a virtual seminar organized by the Yemeni Coalition for Independent Women, and managed by Dr. Wissam Basandawa, said that a study showed that any oil spill from the tanker «Safer» will lead to a double disaster in the region, and will cause the death of all fish in the region, and will affect the residents of the region and their livelihoods. ”

Aaron said, ” we asked the Houthis to allow the United Nations experts to inspect the tanker (Safer), to discuss the appropriate way to deal with the oil stored on it, and how we can avoid this threat.”

The British ambassador pointed out that the Houthis sometimes agreed and then retreated, and said: “Last August, Martin Griffiths and Mark Lockek announced in the Security Council meeting the approval of the Houthis, and at the end of the meeting the Houthis withdrew their approval.”

The British ambassador also revealed that the Houthis tried to link the tanker issue “Safer” to other unrelated matters, such as the inspection mission in Hodeidah, which delayed the inspection of the tanker, as he said.

Michael Aaron stressed that what is required now is to allow the United Nations experts to evaluate the tanker status and suggest solutions to the problem. He added: “The suggested optimal solution is to bring another tanker beside (Safer) and unload the oil in it and sell it or otherwise, and then the tanker will be towed to India or Pakistan to dismantle it. ».

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