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Chairman of Foreign Affairs Department of the Southern Transitional Council Addresses Gulf Cooperation Council

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Dr. Aidarous Nasr Nasser Al-Naqueeb, chairman of foreign affairs department of the southern transitional council, addressed the Gulf Cooperation Council in message, shortly before the council’s meeting with Yemeni Prime Minister to discuss several political issues concerning Yemen. The following is a translation of Dr. Al-Naqueeb’s message published on his official page on face book:
Your majesties, highnesses, excellencies, leaders and representatives of states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Peace be upon you and we hope that God blesses your efforts for the welfare of our Arab Nation and your brother peoples with success.
You are holding you (regular or extraordinary) meeting to discuss the Yemeni crisis according to field developments as coup militias supported by Iran are retreating in addition to UN envoy’s efforts to gather all Yemeni parties on one negotiation table to move the process from military phase to political phase. I think you all know the horrible humanitarian conditions of citizens in both liberated territories and conflict ones as well.
On this occasion, let me express our appreciation to your concern about these complications stemming from those who abused trust granted to them or power acquired by them as time passes. We consider your attitude during “Storm of Determination” as nationalistic, Arab and Islamic that came in the right time and right place. For the southern people, sacrifices you made will never be forgotten by upcoming generations.
Allow me to point out the following point that I’m truly confident that you realize its significance and deep effect on the path of military and political processes to face internal and external challenges resulting from this unfortunate crisis created by evil hands in this oppressed country:
• Citizens, political activists and armed resistance of the southern people supported “Storm of Determination” and sacrificed thousands of martyrs, injured and captives for it. With your generous support, the southern people managed to liberate more than 80% of his lands and handed it over to legitimate authorities in less than three months. Today, the southern people is still supporting Tehama resistance and northern resistance refusing the coup in the west coast.
• Unlike others who are trying to prolong it to benefit of your countries’ generous support, the southern people didn’t invest war. Instead, we joined “Storm of Determination” honestly and faithfully to liberate our lands from the occupation troops of 1994 and 2015. This enabled us to achieve a quick victory in a relatively short time.
• Leaderships of southern resistance, headed by the southern transitional council, confirmed its full respect to the legitimacy of president Hady and defended him twice; first against the coup and second after liberating the lands and handing it over to his government. The southern people are still reaching for the legitimate president to face coup till it is defeated. The southern people are counting on your noble role in facilitating this goal and encouraging southern leaders and president Hady to approach for achieving the goals of “Storm of Determination” and “Hope Restoration”.
• When the southern people, headed by the southern transitional council, declared their support for president Hady as a legitimate president, to face Iranian-supported coup powers till the goals of “Storm of Determination” and “Hope Restoration” are achieved, this doesn’t mean they abandon the rights of the southern people in freedom, independence and self-determination according to international laws and conventions signed and recognized by most countries and organizations of the world, and above all UN and its Security Council.
• The southern people didn’t face coup just to return back to the outcomes of 1994 war that led the country to destruction, dismantling, bloodshed, plagues, poverty and corruption. They did so to get out of 1990 crisis and devastating outcomes of 1994 invasion. They did so to return to the two brother countries in the south and north.
• Yemeni Union failed since its early days as Sanaa regimen started to kill southern figures and encouraged terrorist groups summoned from Afghanistan, financed and deployed them all over the country. 1994 war is a clear example of war against the south and southern figures started a few days after May 22nd declaration.
• The south was invaded by a religious opinion considering its citizens as atheists and disbelievers to justify robbery, killing, captivity and domination as part of the booty culture of this opinion. This turned the south into a booty for more than quarter of a century. This is still the case till today and those who issued this religious opinion are still in power controlling both parties of the conflict (legitimacy and coup).
• 2015 war was an extension of 1994 war to fulfill its objectives, even if coalitions changed. But both wars led the south and southern people to devastating psychological economic, infrastructure and political destruction.
• We are counting on your wise recognition on that some party’s persistence in the one-Yemeni state (central or federal), is an unwise challenge to historic facts confirmed by ground facts as significant and determinative for current developments. It is a clear denial to learn lessons from these facts. We think that these facts clearly indicate that a situation fully charged with hatred, domination and hostility between the two peoples of the north and south for no reason but political ambitions of some politicians to increase their influence and selfish interests under the notion of “Yemeni Union”, can never continue. Yemeni Union no longer exists even in the minds of northern and southern citizens.
• Therefore, we assert that return to pre- May 22nd, 1990 situation and restoration of the two states of the north and south, is the convenient, logical, wise and necessary solution for this historic crisis. This solution serves peace, security and stability of all countries of the region and the world. Ignoring this fact and seeking immature temporary solutions will only delay the real solution and return all parties to zero square. And soon, the crisis will rise again. Even if brothers at war reconciled and war is ended, the southern people insist on their historic right to restore their state and reestablish a news south that includes all southern citizens from all geographic, sectarian, political and intellectual backgrounds as the Union project, embraced by southern intellects even before northern elites think of it, proved to be failure.
• The new southern state desired by our southern people will be an active partner in bearing national and regional responsibility including reconstruction of the south, fighting terrorism and merging the south with regional and international surrounding. The southern people proved that by defeating coup forces in addition to defeating Al-Qaeda and IS IS terrorist groups that once controlled more than half of the southern area while legitimacy troops kept watching and even some of its commanders signed treaties of deliverance with terrorists.
• We believe that the northern people deserve a modern respectful state that fulfills its responsibilities towards northern citizens and prove them with dignified living away from the domination of tribal, military, sectarian, extremist and religious domination. The southern people will stand for this right and support it by all means.

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