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Open appeal to the United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and International Relief.

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Aden – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]M[/su_dropcap]r. Mark Lowcock / Under – Secretary – General for Humanitarian Affairs and International Relief to the United Nations.
The Southern Advisory Center for Rights and Freedoms presents its compliments to the General Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and International Relief, OCHA.
The Advisory Center, in solidarity with the southern civil society organizations outlined below, is addressing to you personally an urgent appeal regarding the humanitarian situation suffered by citizens in southern Yemen as a result of the deterioration of their lives.
Citizens in southern Yemen are suffering as a result of the ongoing war and the government’s relinquishment to assume its responsibility. They are no longer able to secure their basic livelihoods as a result of the lack of proper living conditions. There is a shortage in the supply of essential consumer goods, a failure in basic services, interruptions in electricity and water supplies, and deterioration in health, education and social sectors.
Citizens in southern Yemen do not receive their salaries regularly, and if they do, they do not meet their food and drink requirements. There is a high rise in the prices of the necessary consumer goods if they are available, as a reflection of the disproportionate price of them to the income of citizens. The situation would have completely collapsed without the exceptional relief support provided by the King Salman Center and the UAE Red Crescent.
We know that thankful donor countries last February supported Yemen for 2019-2020 with more than two and a half billion dollars in urgent humanitarian relief. Eight months after the implementation of your annual program, which is nearing completion, the citizens of southern Yemen have not seen any impact of this relief program on their daily living, but their suffering has increased and worsened

Therefore, we note that the international humanitarian relief program has not been achieved in southern Yemen as it should, and its assistance does not reach its beneficiaries.
At the Advisory Center for Rights and Freedoms, we call on you to ensure that relief assistance reaches its beneficiaries.
Southern Advisory Center for Rights and Freedoms. Geneva. 22 October 2019
A copy to :

  1. The Secretary-General of the United Nations.
  2. States supporting humanitarian relief in Yemen. 3. International human rights organizations.
    Southern CSOs adopting the appeal:
    1) Southern Advisory Center for Rights and Freedoms. 2) Madar Center for Studies and Research.
    3) Ahrar Organization for Human Rights.
    4) Sama Organization for Development and Extension. 5) Southern Independent Group for Human Rights.
    6) Southern Media Association.
    7) The southern women’s bloc in Germany.
    8) South Future Foundation.
    9) Foundation prosperity for development and rehabilitation in Hadramout. 10)The National Organization for Transparency and Financial and Administrative Reformation.
    11) Hadramout Youth Forum in Aden.
    12) Tamouh Development Corporation.
    13) BrodKonz Development Corporation.
    14) Tailoring & Development Services Association
    15) Aden Youth Foundation promising development
    16) Shabab Aden Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Aden Governorate Corporation.
    17) Irtiqa Development Corporation.
    18) Ber and Ihsan Development Association
    19) Aden Foundation for Environment and Development ( AFED)
    20) Saah Corporation for Human Rights.
    21) Khalij Aden Corporation for Human Development and Social Services

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