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Southern Community in UK Celebrates the 51st Anniversary of the First Independence

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Southern community in UK celebrated the 51stanniversary of November 30th independence on Saturday December 1st, 2018, in Hadfield Institute Hall, with a seminar held by the department of foreign affairs in UK with attendance of several southern academics, politicians, revolutionists and citizens, in addition to the chairmen of coordinative commissions of the southern transitional council in UK and a number of public figures.

President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi participated with a speech through a direct phone call from Aden as he congratulated the southern community in UK on that glorious occasion and asserted that the southern transitional council is committed to its path towards liberation, independence and establishing the southern independent state.

Al-Zubaidi said: “We will never abandon our goals and rightful expectations for which the southern people delegated us, regardless the difficulties or evil intentions we face”. He addressed the southern people saying: “Be confident that the price of overcoming the south will never be cheap. And no single party will pay it alone. All parties that worked on overcoming the south will pay that price, especially that one whom we embraced and restored his dignity by our wounds, bloods and guns. It is easy to demolish a fragile wall that denies you your freedom, rights and legitimate expectations”.

Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb, chairman of foreign affairs department, presented a paper about the struggle of the southern people since October 14th revolution and all its historical implications till the first independence in 1967 and the declaration of the southern state. he asserted that the second independence will be very soon with a new south, not like pre-1990 or pre-1967 south. It is not the same south of 1994 and the state will be a democratic one with principles including decentralization and peaceful sharing of power. It will be a state for all southern citizens.

Al-Naqueeb also referred to conspiracies against the south since 1994 occupation that made some voices feel more and more disappointed and demanded the return of occupation while others considered the independence of 1967 as a new for of occupation. He considered both things as resentment to history and unfair trial for one of the most glorious stages of the southern history. He asserted that those who want to be part of the future should keep the past behind and move on as those who think with past minds will only live in the past and will only be a demolishing tool not a building one.

Dr. Saleh Mohsen Al-Haj, chairman of foreign relations office in UK talked about the historical necessity of October 14th revolutions that completed its manifestation in November 30th independence. He appreciated the sacrifices of the southern people against oppression along their history as seen in the second southern revolution. Dr. Mohamed Al-Sahemi, vice chairman of the office, presented a brief account for the office activities and achievements in UK. Several attendants participated in discussing the political work for pushing the southern cause forward to achieve the goals of the second southern revolution.

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