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Southern Community in UK Supports the Southern Transitional Council and Southern Armed Forces

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – London – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]H[/su_dropcap]undreds of southern community citizens demonstrated in UK on Monday August 19th, 2019 in front of the the British Government Headquarters in London. Demonstrators supported the southern transitional council and the southern armed forces in all measures taken to secure Aden. They also denounced the acts of Al-Houthi militias and Muslim brotherhood.
Demonstrators raised the southern flags and slogans of the southern transitional council in addition to photos of southern figures including the martyr Muneer Al-Yafaie (Abu Yamama) and flags of the Arab Coalition countries. They demanded the British Government to support the southern right of self-determination and establishing their federal independent state. they also demanded trials for war criminals of Al-Houthi and Muslim Brotherhood militias. Demonstrators delivered a written message to the British Government saying the following:
After careful observation of recent events in Aden, capital of the south, we gather here in London to announce that these armed clashes were broken by legitimacy troops and terrorist militias who turned their weapons towards innocent civilians regardless the consequences.
We are here to support the southern transitional council and the southern armed forces, represented by president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi who wisely treated the crisis and we assert the following:
• Our full and absolute support for the leadership of the southern transitional council for its role in protecting the southern people and restore security and stability in addition to ending this state of systematic torture of the southern people. We also support all upcoming measures to clear Aden off terrorism and extremism.
• Our full and absolute support for the leadership of the southern transitional council as a representative of the southern people and delegate to carry its cause in this stage till the restoration of the southern state. We demand the British Government and the international society to recognize the Southern Transitional Council as a representative of the southern people and their rightful expectations and to involve the council in the UN-backed political process.
• We plea for the international society and the Arab Coalition to respect the will of the southern people and their expectations to identify their political future as the south is their major partner in facing the Iranian agenda and fighting terrorism in the region. The south is the active partner in creating peace and stability.
• We demand our southern citizens to preserve the gains of the southern transitional council and southern resistance forces in addition to preserving public and private properties and foster the culture of civil rights and peaceful coexistence in addition to the concept of tolerance and reconciliation.
• We appreciate the role of the Arab Coalition headed by Saudi Arabia and UAE for their support to the south in the face of Al-Houthi militias and terrorist groups. We appreciate their recent attitude towards Aden events and their call for dialogue between the southern transitional council and president Hady’s legitimacy.
• We support and appreciate the positive response of the southern transitional council to the call for dialogue hoping that the southern cause will be treated seriously according to the political and administrative significance of the south and expectations of our southern people.
• Aden was, and still is, the city of peace, tolerance and coexistence. It will remain so no matter the hostile agendas initiated by its enemies.
• Clashes of Aden are the result of ignoring and overcoming the southern cause and the continuous tries to treat the south as attached to the Arab Republic of Yemen since occupation of 7-7-1994.
• Our southern people will stick to their right in self-determination and restoring their independent state on the borders of 1990.
• We request British Authorities on all levels to positively respond to the expectations of our southern people to gain the right of self-determination and restore our southern state as all tries of union failed and only resulted in suffering for our people and increased enmity between the northern and southern peoples.
Long Live the Free South
Issued by the Southern Community in UK – London – Monday August 19th, 2019.

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