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Statement of Arab South Community in USA

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – USA – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] With major concern, we followed up these continuous media campaigns launched by Reform Party groups and Tarek Affash group against our people and commanders of of brave resistance in addition to their repeated tries to smuggle weapons, troops and sabotage elements into our south, while Al-Houthi is still humiliating them and expelling them out of Sanaa in Women’s clothes.
They forgot that the southern resistance liberated three quarters of their lands and are still facing coup forces and sacrificing thousands of martyrs to liberate them, while they are moving, for three long years from one hill to another and we think they may need about three more years just to approach the parameter of Sanaa to make agreements with Al-Houthis and get their pockets full of Arab Coalition money, but the Arab Coalition knows their long deception very well. They blackmailed the Gulf States for 54 years and finally they surrendered the most important world and regional trade naval path to Iran. With God’s help and Arab Coalition support, our southern people and brave resistance has broken the Iranian arm in the south and liberated all southern governorates in addition to a major section of northern lands.
Tyrants are threatening the southern people and his resistance over the same soil that sheltered and protected them. this clearly indicates their vicious intentions to prepare for reoccupying the south and pushing his people into the dark unjust circle imposed on us since 1990. Our people have no alternative but independence and reconstruction of our state according to 1990 borders. The Union they want has died and buried during 1994 occupation and what they did to us since then.
Therefore, we demand all free citizens of the south, the southern transitional council, powers of the peaceful movement, southern persons in the legitimacy and all those who believe in our just cause and brave resistance to refuse the existence of any northern soldier or sabotage element on our southern lands along with the remains of Sanaa’s regimen. We would like to assert the following points:
• First: If things go on the same way it is now, we will support the calls of citizens of Al-Daliam Al-Subaiha and other southern citizens who demand the resistance to retreat to 1990 borders, liberate the rest of our lands and only protect the borders of our upcoming southern state.
• Second: To our brothers in the north we say that those who exhausted your revolution, disturbed your lands and pushed you these poor conditions are the same people who are against human rights and freedoms in the north and south as well. So, keep liberating your lands and continue your peaceful revolution and we will support your rightful struggle.
• Third: To the Arab Coalition we say: Our southern people and brave resistance, with God’s help and your support, achieved major successes and sacrifices through breaking the Iranian arm that meant harm to the Arab National Security. We assert you and the whole world that we will accept nothing but our independence as there will be no national or international security in this region except with an independent sovereign southern state. So, don’t fail our people, your current and future ally. This is not our first war and may not be the last. Without a clear position of our cause and our independence there will be negative consequences on our future relations.
Best regards
Arab South Community in USA
July 18th, 2018

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