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Invading the South: Stages of the Conspiracy

Written by: Salah Abu Nawaf

Since signing the Union agreement on May 22nd, 1990, the southern people started to feel suspicious about the acts of their union partner. Soon, they decided to disengage in 1994.
Then, the south was invaded and destroyed under religious Fatwa calling the southern as disbelievers to attract extremists and mercenaries from Afghanistan and other countries to help Al-Eslah militias and troops of the northern army in slaughtering this people. These vicious troops committed massacres and destroyed the infrastructure in addition to expelling the southern out to force the south to remain under the regimen of Sanaa by military force. All that is southern was maimed via media tools and religious speeches.
The southern people didn’t surrender and demanded freedom and restoration of its robbed state although anyone who may only think in disengagement could be in major risk. Most of those who demanded disengagement in the military, security or diplomatic fields were expelled. Even more some of them were assassinated or imprisoned. Most southern citizens were fired from their jobs.
All this led to the Southern Peaceful Movement in 2007 under the notion of restoring the southern state and designment with the north. Millions of southern citizens demonstrated in all cities in support of the southern people movement and its project. But once again, southern revolutionaries were severely oppressed for years.
In 2015, the second invasion of the south came by Al-Houthi militias. But this time, the southern carried their weapons and started their armed revolution against invaders. The Arab Coalition supported the southern resistance and the southern resistance liberated the southern territories in less than three months. With arms in their hands, the southern formed resistance military units and battalions. And now the project of restoring the southern state became even closer in spit of changes and mutual interests. The southern people stood side by side with the Arab Coalition in the face of the Iranian agenda and restored public associations from Al-Houthis.
In all battel fields with Al-Houthis, the southern resistance paid major sacrifices to get rid of the coup. The northern themselves didn’t defend their lands that way. Even the legitimacy government envied the south and exercised marginalization policies against the southern.
After all these facts, extremists, mercenaries and feeble-minded of the northern Yemeni parties call the southern “mercenaries of UAE” and say that UAE and the Arab Coalition want to divide Yemen!
Since 1990 till recent events in 2019, the south is committed to one principle and one project: that is to restore the southern state. this will remain till the last heart beat of the last honorable southern citizen.

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