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Investigations begins with 24 officials in Aden

SMA News / Aden / Exclusive
Investigations Department in Aden the capital, begins investigating with more than 24 local officials, including directors of districts, directors in electricity and water corporations, directors in public works, sewage and cleaning fund, based on directives issued by the Self-Administration Committee of the Transitional Council.

A source said that the investigations department formed six committees that are scheduled to start opening the files of investigations and confront the officials with what was attributed to them in the directives of the Self-Administration Committee.

The source added: “The investigation procedures will inevitably go according to the law and regulations according to the orders of the self-administration, and the officials will be investigated to hold them accountable for their failure to perform their duties in the rain disasters and torrential rains that swept through Aden, and the failure to maintain and repair the roads, and the failure to liquidate and open water drains on the main and branch roads, as well as their lack of response to citizens’ complaints and their inquiries. ”

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