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July 7th … When Conquerors Came

Written by: Ali Kassem Alesayi

The 25th anniversary of July 7th 1994, when the south was invaded by terrorist powers through its barbaric militias. The invasion came on several stages starting with assassination of southern figure in Sanaa, sieging southern military brigades in the north then finally religious mobilization against the south using the extremist opinions of Al-Zendani and Al-Dulaimi who declared the southern as disbelievers. This directly led to declaring war against the south in April 1994.
During this war, the fascist powers of the north swallowed the whole south as booty. They destroyed the south and its identity. They dismissed thousands of military and civilian personnel off their work and replaced them by northern. They changed the titles and names of departments and facilities. They systematically destroyed the state structure and infrastructure in all fields. They turned the south into isolated villages.
Twenty-five years passed as twenty-five centuries. The south moved backwards due to systematic plans of destroying all sectors of services. This led the southern to lounge for restoring their identity and liberating their occupied southern state and its capital Aden. They were determined to recover their dignity after systematic oppression and humiliation practiced by the north against everything that is southern.
This determination and denouncement of occupation manifested itself in a revolution that the whole world will recognize. A revolution that broke the chains of invaders and defeated all their projects in addition to expelling them out of the whole south. The southern are restoring their national identity after losing it for a quarter of a century. The flags of victory and dignity are now high in the southern skies in celebration of recovering what we lost 25 years ago.

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