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Lamlas: Assassination of Al-Kumaish While Unarmed is a Shameful Acts and Those Who Committed it Will Be Punished

SMA News – Aden – Special
Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, Secretary General of STC, sent a condolences telegram to the Family of Shabwa Martyr “Said Tagerah Al-Kumaish” who was assassinated in Azzan during a peaceful demonstration. The following the Lamlas’s message:
“And Those Who Were Killed on the Path of Gad Are Not Dead, But Living By God in Heavens” God’s Words Are True
With deep sorrow, we received the news of assassinating the hero ” Said Tagerah Al-Kumaish” who was brutally assassinated in cold blood by vicious criminals during participation in peaceful protests with other free men of Shabwa demanding not to turn their governorate into a terrorism nest by Muslim Brotherhood.
We also observed the bloody events in Azzan and the brutal and oppressive way of treating peaceful protesters with extreme violence and live bullets against unarmed protesters that led to the death of Said Tagerah Al-Kumaish in addition to injuring several other protesters. We observ and condemn all these coward acts that are far from all ethics, religions and humanitarian values. We send our deep condolences to the family of the martyr.
We also send our deep condolences to all citizens of Shabwa for this severe lose and assert that this crime will never go without punishment, sooner or later as Shabwa free men will never accept this blood shed without revenge.
We assert that the blood of Said Tagerah Al-Kumaish will never go in vain and such acts will never shut down the voice of Shabw demanding freedom and expulsion of these terrorist militias out of Shabwa. Shabwa will continue the struggle with full determination till it is free of invaders and security and stability are restored as it was established by Shabwa Elites Forces against which massive conspiracies were woven so that Shabw returns to Chaos.
We pray to God to bless the soul of the martyr and provide his family with patience.

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